Protect Yourself – Buying Tickets Online Safely

Buying products and services online has become a nightmare in the last 10 years. The endless scams and their infinite variations are enough to make you keep your credit card in your pocket. Everyday we learn about thousands of people whose information is stolen.

Not to worry all is not lost. By taking some simple precautions you can protect your self when you decide to spend online.

Protect Yourself

  • There is a reason Amazon is the go to place for almost anything you want to buy online. We trust them! They make everything from selecting the right product to using your credit card a simple easy to understand process. In addition, they respond quickly and fairly to any issues you do encounter.
  • Read as much about an online store before you buy. Not just any site reviews you find online but the information they post and list on their site.
  • Look for the green https (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) icon in the site’s url. Only sites with a SSL certificate can display the https certification icon. SSL encrypts information between your computer and your vendor’s website.
  • Use strong passwords. It’s a pain but using a strong password goes a long way towards protecting yourself.