Our Mission For 2016

Go!. Execute As Planned. Deliver!.

Starting up a business is always a scary prospect with endless decisions around charting unknown territory. This is often distracting and prevents entrepreneurs from moving forward. Our vision for 2016 is based on three (3) very simple guidelines to keep us focused on what really matters… our customers!


For us go means two things, get moving and don’t let obstacles stop us from starting up.

As a business were technology is core and developing a strong online presence is paramount, we are faced with a near endless to do list. The question is always “Are we ready?”.  The truth we recognised as we were getting ready is that we won’t know until we get started.

In some ways we in Barbados and the region to varying degrees face many challenges in starting up a business. We constantly hear about them in the news and from other entrepreneurs’ experiences. Our approach to this problem is simple. These problems were here before Ready Ticket was formed and they will not be going anywhere, so why should we let them stop us? Encountering a problem with momentum makes a big difference.

Execute As Planned!

We at Ready Ticket believe the only way forward is by forming meaningful partnerships with our customers. Therefore, as planned means as agreed to with our partners achieved through meaningful discourse. Only by gaining a true understanding of our customers needs will we reach agreement on a plan.

Successful execution of the plan then becomes possible, more importantly it becomes a simple matter of focusing on the effort needed. Even if we encounter problems as we surely will, we will not be distracted.


For us delivery is not measured by us, but by the businesses and people we serve. The fact that we serve a diverse set of market segments will make this a difficult prospect. It also means we will learn to deliver quickly. The knowledge we will gain from our commitment to serving our customers will only make us better.

Finally one of the things that crossed our minds and we are sure will cross yours is: How could they seriously speak with such apparent brazen almost naive confidence? Well the answer is simple our Team at Ready Ticket bring years of experience to the table. Experience that knows that the race is not for the swift…

Follow us in 2016 to see if we are true to our word.


Ready Ticket Team