Shopping Online With Ready Ticket

When we decided to offer our tickets online we wanted ensure we provided the safest yet most convenient experience possible. So we started full SSL security on our entire site. That means that all information from our website to you will be encrypted. Next we boosted our site performance to ensure our pages are snappy and load quickly in your browser. Then we looked at a payment gateway. We decided to go with PayPal one of the largest and most trusted online payment processors. In the near future we will be implementing other payment options that we will tell you about when we make them available. In the meantime, here are a few reasons we made the choice to go with PayPal:

Your Information is Safe

Your credit card information is kept secure by PayPal once you create an account. You never again have to disclose your credit card information online. Since your credit card information is kept private, therefore you can shop without worrying about a hacker downloading your credit card information from our website.

Its Mobile Ready

The PayPal app will allow you to quickly make purchases via your mobile phone (iOS or Android) safely using your PIN or Finger Print to authorise the payment. You can buy your tickets before they’re sold out from anywhere with just a few clicks or your finger.

PayPal One Touch Convenience

Once you are a registered PayPal user you can activate One-Touch which would allow you to buy tickets from us with one click on your computer. This is actually easier than having to enter your credit card information every time you make a purchase with us.


Using PayPal With Ready Ticket

While using PayPal to checkout you do not need to register with PayPal before they make a purchase with Ready Ticket. An account will be automatically created upon checkout if you do not have one.
All you need to do is worry about which event you are going to and how many tickets you are buying, select your tickets and let PayPal do the rest.
If you have any questions about using purchasing tickets from us online give us a call 1 (246) 231 9982, email us at or use the LIVECHAT feature on our website to get instance answers online.